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Trevor Gollagher

Trevor is a Spiritual Visionary, Intuitive Healer, and Author

trv084Trevor’s work has been featured in many magazines, radio shows throughout Australia, USA, and Canada. With over 35 years of spiritual and energetic healing practices, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills. Although trained in many things, he currently teaches Heart Resonance (a system he developed), One on one mentoring programs, Harmonic Sound Healing, and numerous Self-Help and Spiritual teaching events.

 Trevor has written 17 books, numerous training workbooks, and articles for an array of publications. He also has released many instructional CD’s and DVD’s.

 Coming from a dysfunctional family with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father, Trevor’s early years was full of sadness and negativity. As a result, he suffered from low self-esteem, value and love. He became a very withdrawn and repressed person.

 The chaos is his young childhood years triggered a need and desire to find answers and to look for happiness. This led him to search for a deeper meaning and purpose to life.

Amongst all the emotional abuse and trauma, somewhere deep inside he always had a sense of support and protection by some unforeseen forces. Later in life, he realized this was his spiritual support crew, supporting and protecting him from the ethers.  Even in times of great distress and turmoil, Trevor knew his life would somehow be okay.

During this period, Trevor also began the practice of Sesshin, which literally means “collecting the mind”. Sesshin is an opportunity to cultivate concentration and awareness. Practicing it usually means going into retreat, without distractions, for days on end and putting full focus and attention onto a specific thought, question, or a point within the body or surrounds. It is the original practice from which the popular practice of Dyads was created.

By practicing Sesshin, Trevor was fortunate enough to have numerous self- realization experiences. This opened a strong connection to the spirit world, and led to the transference of spiritual truth and understanding from spirit into Trevor’s consciousness.

Around this time Trevor started a powerful journey of development, downloading information from spirit in regards to an energetic system He now calls Heart Resonance.

Trevor’s work now takes him all around the world with his teachings and events. He continues to receive vital information from spirit, which is helping many to function more in alignment to spiritual truth. This is helping people to move through the new awakening in a loving and conscious way.

 Out of the darkness of his childhood, he has become a shining light offering a way to move more into a loving existence. Through his wealth of spiritual knowledge, gained through personal experience and communication from the heavens, he is now able to fulfill his real purpose of “Being of Service” to humanity.

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Here is what a couple of students have to say about Trevor and his work


susan"In the near 6 years I have known & worked with Trevor, he has been my teacher, mentor & guide helping me towards spiritual enlightenment.  He is a gifted healer, and his teachings, classes and One-on-One mentoring has been inspirational & life changing. Trevor is truly tapped in to the Divine.  Through his channeled work, he has developed Heart Resonance to help people around the planet live happier, healthier lives."  ~ Susan Turner






 andrewI am receiving my Heart Resonance training for all levels from Trevor Gollagher Online!  I am the first, but not the last, online student to learn this incredibly simple, FUN and Powerful system of healing and enlightenment over FaceTime ( Apple iMac ) kind of like Skype. I am having so much FUN learning with Trevor and learning more about who I really am as each class unfolds.

 I really look forward to our classes on FaceTime twice a week because Trevor is such a wonderful Teacher!  Trevor is a true spiritual master because he embodies all the qualities of an enlightened being. 

 Trevor is very loving , completely non-judgemental and very detached in a  perfected state of Allowing. He is generous and kind and will do anything to help you grow and expand into a deeper state of self-awareness and self-love and more happiness.

 I have studied Reiki, IET, ITM, EFT and hundreds of healing modalities and different styles of Reiki over the past 20 years. I am currently a level two Heart Resonance Practitioner and I have to say Heart Resonance is my absolute favourite and what I have been searching for ALL MY LIFE!!!

 It is so simple yet so powerful!  It is FUN! All of the techniques in Heart Resonance are so easy to learn and are extremely effective. I am a convert!  I am now 100% dedicated to the Heart Resonance System and use it exclusively in all my spiritual work.

 I highly recommend Heart Resonance and that you contact Trevor Gollagher for Heart Resonance treatments and classes. You won't be disappointed; You will be enlightened!

 Prem Ananda, Canada 


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