Intuitive Heart Resonance

Intuitive Heart Resonance Sessions

Please Note: Trevor has ceased personal treatment sessions as he is nearing retirement

logo-iconThese sessions can either be at Trevor's clinic space in Brisbane, Australia, or selected venues around the world, or via phone or skype consultations. 

Often just one session can change your life, as many people have experienced.


Why would you want a private session?

  • If you want imprinted energies removed that hinder you from seeing Universal Truth
  • If you need guidance and clarity for your human journey
  • If you need better understanding of aligning to spiritual consciousness
  • If you require Positive tools to attain greater levels of awakening
  • To remove disharmonious burden that hinders your unfoldment
  • To de-stress and balance


What happens in a session?

Sessions are approached very intuitively. Trevor will merge into your energies and instigate shift and change to bring your whole system into a more positive and harmonious energy space. As a result, positive change will occur in your life. This change can come in many forms - Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, or a combination of some or all.

Session duration varies from client to client depending what is appropriate for the session. Trevor often is in communication with higher energies during sessions and is often told when the session is over.

Sessions usually run between 20mins to 80mins duration.


Cost of personal sessions are currently $118 Australian



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